Who we are: We are mothers who appreciate the importance of establishing and developing our children’s skills through unconventional educational program. We look forward to instill love concepts, group cooperation, islamic ethics, and our cultural habits.

من نحن:  نحن أمهات نقدر أهمية أطفالنا وتطوير مهاراتهم بالتعليم الترفيهي الغير تقليدي واكتشاف مواهبهم وغرس مفاهيم الحب والعمل الجماعي بينهم وتعليمهم أخلاقياتنا الإسلامية وعادات مجتمعنا العربي.

Our Program: Tiny Toes nursery follows an educational, entertaining, and instructional program that aims to develop both the sentimental and the sensory skills within our children).

برنامجنا: نعتمد في حضانتنا على برنامج تعليمي ,تربوي ,ترفيهي . يهدف الى خلق بيئة تنمي المهارات المعرفية والحسية والوجدانية لدى الطفل وتشجعهم على التفكير والإبداع.

Our Curriculum: Our curriculum contains the basics and principles of Arabic, Holy Qura’an, English, Mathematics, Fun Science, and Montessori. Our English program is based on a certified American curriculum).

منهجنا: منهج حضانة تايني توز يركز على أساسيات اللغة العربية من خلال التحدث والتعرف على الكلمات والحروف، والقرآن الكريم من خلال قصار السور، بالإضافة إلى اللغة الإنجليزية وفق منهج أمريكي معتمد. نظام المونتسوري وأساسيات علم الحساب والعلوم المرحة أيضاً من ضمن منهج حضانة تايني توز.

What differentiate us: Tiny Toes curriculum is certified and chosen specifically to match each age group and it’s capabilities. Our teacher’s and their assistants are all efficient and well picked based on our managements’ standards. All classrooms are convenient and 100% safe for our children. Our gym is well equipped with various games that would bring joy for our children during play time. Cleaning is being supervised directly from Tiny Toes Manager. We believe that it is extremely important to stay in a clean environment. Children aging 6 months up to two years have a daily report that schedules  their feeding hours and their toilet visits. A nurse is always available in the nursery during working hours to take care of the younger children (6 to 12 months) and in case of emergency. At Tiny Toes, we have a monthly report that follows up with the child’s general health and watch his or her growth in both height and weight. We do not provide nor allow food with high amounts of artificial colors or sugars nor sparkling sodas. We try to follow and maintain a healthy system. Physical Education is part of the curriculum based on the quote “A healthy brain in a healthy body”.

ماذا يميزنا: اختيارنا لمناهج معتمدة تتناسب مع إمكانيات كل فئة عمرية، كما يميز المعلمات الخبرة والكفاءة، وحرصهم على متابعة الأطفال وتنظيم جدولهم، والحرص على التواصل من خلال تقارير يومية  لولي الأمر، كما نوفر بيئة مناسبة ففصول الحضانة مجهزة بالألعاب المتنوعة تضمن سلامتهم، ومن أولوياتنا نظافة الأطفال ومرافق الحضانة ويتم متابعتها من قبل مسؤولة الحضانة. تحرص الحضانة على سلامة الأطفال من خلال وجود ممرضة، تتابع الحالة الصحية وتطور نموهم وبمن هم تحت عمر السنة، ونهتم بالجانب الغذائي للأطفال والأنشطة الرياضية.

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During Montessori class,our children will be exposed to different types of games and toys.

Arts & Crafts

Drawing, cutting, and pasting some materials such as cotton or colored papers are activities done during Arts & Crafts class.

Physical Education

During the year, class by class, kids get to learn how do several movements such as holding the ball, kicking the ball, jumping, running and much more.


Cooking is a fun yet educational class. Children prepare either simple dessert or a snack. During this class they experience how to combine ingredients and come up with pretty results.

Our goal is to create a place that can be called a second Home

TinyToes bilingual Nursery